The UB40 Experience was founded in late 2013.


 The band features top class musicians which include two of the band's original 

co- founders - Dave "Fingers" (Keyboardist) & Dave"Redman" (Drummer). The UB40 Experience are the only UB40 tribute that play homage to all members of UB40. Each member

of the band has studied the playing techniques, style and sounds of the members of UB40 which they represent so that the real UB40 sound and feel is captured in the overall performance.  


 Members of the band have played alongside UB40's Brian Travers, Laurence Parry and Tony Mullins in addition to performing with Barry Biggs, Complete Madness, Steel Pulse,

The Specials, TheSelecter,Ken Boothe, 360, plus other top name bands.

We are the registered & legal owners of the trademark for the name "The UB40 Experience" (R), registered with the UK Government Intellectual Property Office (IPO). 

(Full details of trademarking can be produced at the request of venues, promotors & agents)